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Page Title: SPOTLIGHT.
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TM 55-1740-200-14
b. Secure lock switch (21) with nut. Slide choke cable
a. Install wiring (10) in body (11). Plug lamp (9) in
through front of housing (8) and secure with retaining
wiring (10) and insert lamp (9) in body (11). Install
nut on rear of housing. Install heater switch and secure
retainer (7) and secure with three screws (8).
with nut and slide knob into place.
b. Install rim (6) and secure with screw (5). Install
c. Install headlight switch (22), switch (19) and wiper
three washers (2, 3 and 4) and nut (l).
switch (20). Install three retaining nuts and screw three
knobs into place.
4-535. INSTALLATION. See figure 4-16 and install
the headlight as outlined in paragraph 4-511c.
d. Install circuit breakers (23 and 24) and secure with
four screws (25), eight washers (26) and four nuts (27).
Install speedometer (18) and gage cluster (17) and secure
with six spacers (14), washers (16) and nuts (15).
4-537. REASSEMBLY. See figure 4-25 and reassemble
the spotlight as follows:
e. Attach capacitor on frame gage cluster (17). Install
lamps (12) in five socket and lead assemblies (29). Install
a. Slide tubes (42 and 43) in housing (39) and secure
socket and wire assemblies and four connectors (9).
with screws (40 and 41). Slide tube and gear (38) in
housing (39) and install plug (34) and screw (35). Install
4-541. INSTALLATION. Install the instrument cluster
post assembly (27), setscrew (37) and pin (36) in housing
as follows:
b. Assemble washer (32), spring (31) and bushing (30)
to post (27). Install washer (29) and nut (28) on shell
Ensure leads from battery are connected to
battery terminal on circuit breakers and am-
meter terminal closest to the oil indicator.
c. Assemble ring (23) and four lock springs (25) on
lamp (26). Install ring (23), lamp (26) and screw (24) in
a. Provide proper support for instrument cluster while
shell (33). Attach ornament (21) to shell with screw (22).
installing terminal wires on back of cluster. Carefully
install instrument cluster into instrument panel.
d. Insert gear (14), switch (13) and screw (15) in
housing (20). Install strap (18) with two screws (19).
Secure cap (11) with screw (12). Attach switch toggle
(10) with setscrew (9).
Sensor unit is a permanent part of gage clus-
ter. Extreme care should be used when instal-
e. Install pinion (8), adapter (7), washer (6), washer
ling wire through the firewall.
(5) and nut (4). Secure handle (upper) (3) and handle
(lower) (1) with screw (2).
b. Install four washers (4), two screws (3) and two
nuts (5). Install four washers (2) and two screws (l).
4-538. INSTALLATION. Install the spotlight as follows:
Connect choke cable to the carburetor. Attach sensing
unit to the engine. Install shaft assembly (13) in speed-
a. Install pad (53), mounting bracket (47) and bracket
ometer (18).
(51). Install washers (49), screws (48) and nuts (50),
Install washer (46) and felt (45).
4-542. CAB HEATER.
b. Slide assembled light in mounting bracket (47) and
secure with two screws (52 and 44). Slide assembled
4-543. REASSEMBLY. See figure 4-27 and reassemble
handle on tube (43). Install wedge (17) and nut (16).
the cab heater as follows:
a. Install plug (17), grommet (15) and elbow (3) in
casing (20). Attach two doors (18) with four rivets ( 19).
4-540. REASSEMBLY. See figure 4-26 and reassemble
the instrument panel as follows:
b. Install motor (12) in housing and secure with two
nuts (13) and washers (14). Attach fan (9) with setscrew
a. Install rubber (special shaped section) (6) and name-
(10). Install bottom panel (11).
plate (7) on housing.

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