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(2) Hot Oil Check (HOT RUN band) - Be sure the temperature has reached 160-2000 F
(71-93C). With the engine idling and the transmission in neutral, remove the dipstick from
the oil filler tube and check the oil level. If the oil level registers in the HOT RUN band,
the quantity of oil in the transmission is safe for operating the vehicle. If it registers on
or below the bottom line of the HOT RUN band, add the required amount of oil necessary
to bring the oil level to the middle of the HOT RUN band. Approximately 1 quart (0.95
liter) of oil is required to move the oil level from the bottom line of the HOT RUN band
to the middle of the HOT RUN band.
(3) Transmission oil must be sampled every 90 days as prescribed by DA Pam 738-750.
Check breather weekly and clean every 20,000 miles. Fill through dipstick tube, with 33 quarts
of oil. (Refer to TM 9-2320-363-20 for procedure). Maintain oil level between ADD and FULL
marks on dipstick with engine at idle and transmission in neutral. Do not overfill.
c. External filter should be changed when:
(1) The vehicle has accumulated its first 5,000 miles, and
(2) The filter is known to be contaminated or clogged, or
(3) Service is recommended by AOAP laboratory analysis, or
(4) At 20,000-mile/annual intervals.
d. Transfer Case (M916A1)
Drain oil at operating temperature every 10,000 miles. Maintain oil level to bottom edge of fill
port. Do not overfill. Capacity is 5 quarts (4.7 liters).
a. Check oil level daily. To check engine oil level, wait at least 10 minutes after stopping to allow
oil to drain into crankcase. Safe operating level is between ADD and FULL marks on dipstick.
Engine capacity is 41 quarts with all filters.
b. Engine oil must be sampled every 90 days as prescribed by DA Pam 738-750.
c. Oil filters shall be changed when:
(1) They are known to be contaminated, or
(2) Service is recommended by the AOAP laboratory.
d. If AOAP lab support is not available, change engine oil every 20,000 miles/annually, whichever
comes first.
a. Front and Rear Slack Adjusters
M915A2 and M916A1 - Every 5,000 miles or semiannually wipe fittings clean and pump grease
into fittings until new grease is seen flowing from pressure relief valve in the pawl capscrew.
b. Front and Rear Axle Camshaft Bushings
M915A2 and M916A1 - Lubricate fittings every 20,000 miles or semiannually.
LO 9-2320-363-12-22
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