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Page Title: GEAR CASES
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CAUTION: If filter is tightened more than 3/4 turn after contacting gasket, damage to the filter
might result.
c. To install the filter, coat face of gasket on new oil filter with specified drive unit lubricant. Install
oil filter over the adapter and tighten 3/4 turn after gasket contacts base. Do not overtighten.
It may be necessary to use a filter strap wrench.
a. Axle Differentials
Initial Operation - After the initial 5,000 miles of operation, drain the differentials while the
assembly is still warm from operation. Inspect the magnetic drain plug for signs of excessive
metal particle buildup and notify Direct Support Maintenance if this condition exists. Clean
plugs and replace when lubricant has stopped draining. Axles must not be flushed with a
solvent. Thereafter change oil every 75,000 miles or annually.
Checking Level - Check at 5,000-mile intervals and maintain level at the bottom of fill
plug opening when housing is cold.
NOTE: When a safe level of lubricant in a gear housing is indicated at the time of scheduled
lubrication, the lubricant retaining seal is considered functional, even though the seal may
indicate questionable leakage. Frequent observation of seal as a potential problem area is
recommended. When seepage or leakage of lubricant adversely affects the proper function
of parts within the area (e.g., brakes), the retaining seal must be replaced.
The following capacities should be used as a guide only. Do not overfill:
M915A2 Rear Tandem
Fill forward-rear with 13 quarts; rear-rear with 14.5 quarts. Change filter at each oil change.
M916A1 Rear Tandem
Fill forward-rear with 22 quarts; rear-rear with 23 quarts.
M916A1 Front Driving
Fill with 13.5 quarts.
Drain and Fill Plug Installation - Tighten plug until one thread is visible at housing surface.
If less than one thread is visible, replace plug.
b. Transmission
The oil should be warm when draining. Remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely.
If AOAP support is not available, change oil every 20,000 miles.
(1) Cold Oil Check (COLD RUN band) - Run the engine for 1 minute at 1000 rpm to charge
the system. Idle the engine until the temperature reaches 60-120F (16-49C). With the
engine idling and the transmission in neutral, remove the dipstick from the oil filler tube
and check the oil level. Oil registering in the COLD RUN band indicates a sufficient quantity
Of oil to safely operate the transmission until the temperature reaches 160-200 F (71-93C).
When the temperature is 160-200 F (71-93C), a hot oil check must be made.
LO 9-2320-363-12-21
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