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Page Title: Alterations/Modifications
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TB 9-2320-302-15
Alterations and modifications shall not be made during the warranty period unless expressly
directed by the Project Manager Systems Force Projection. (SFAE-CSS-FP-I).
8. Abuse Determination
Freightliner LLC does have the right to inspect returned parts as requested. Upon inspection, if the
determination is made that the part has been abused, Freightliner LLC will notify the Government in
writing to advise of the finding. All parts related to any warranty repair must be retained for 30 days
from the claim processing date or until notification of disposition is received.
9. Abuse Avoidance
The Government is responsible for advising all Commands of abuses as they become aware of
them, and the proper steps to be taken to avoid future abuses.
10. Claim Procedures
a. Contractor Repair
(1) If you prefer that the vehicle contractor make the warranty repairs, you can contact or
take your vehicle to your local Freightliner dealership who are considered Freightliner LLC
representatives for the required warranty work. If there are any problems, issues or concerns that
can be resolved at the dealership either they or yourself can contact Freightliner LLC, Mr. Roger
Ewing by telephone, (503) 745-8760 or e-mail and explain your
problem. (Have vehicle Serial Number available). Record the date, time and the name of the
Freightliner representative contacted. If no Freightliner representative is available at the above
number you can contact the Freightliner Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-FTL-HELP (385-
4357) which is open 24 hours 7 days a week. for assistance.
(2) Freightliner LLC will make all the arrangements with the dealership for receipt,
inspection and repair of the vehicle. Freightliner LLC will make every effort to provide telephonic
instructions to you immediately. For those exceptions that cannot be handled immediately, the
contractor will provide telephonic instructions to you within 5 working days.
(3) When instructed, deliver the vehicle to the designated dealership. Obtain a copy of the
dealership job order and retain it as evidence of a warranty claim.
(4) If the vehicle is not repaired or not repaired to your satisfaction within 10 working days,
contact the Freightliner representative originally contacted.
(5) When the vehicle is repaired to your satisfaction, forward copy of a completed DA Form
2407 as follows:
Send one (1) copy to:
Warranty Administration
Freightliner LLC
4747 N. Channel Ave.

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