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TB 9-2320-302-15
1. General
The M915 Family of Vehicles (FOV), M915A3, M916A3 and M917A2s are warranted by their
manufacturer, Freightliner LLC, 4747 North Channel Ave., Portland, Oregon, 97217. Freightliner
warrants that the vehicles are free from defects in design, material and workmanship. This bulletin
explains warranty coverage for the vehicles and how to file claims on those vehicles.
2. Explanation of Terms
a. Abuse. The improper use, maintenance, repair, or mishandling of warranted items that may
cause the warranty of those items to become void.
b. Acceptance Date. The date the equipment is accepted in the Army's inventory as annotated
on DD Form 250, Material Receiving and Inspection Report.
c. Acquiring Command or Activity. An activity that procures the items or material for a user.
d. Alterations/Modifications. Any alteration after production, such as retrofit conversion,
remanufacture, design change, engineering change and the like.
e. Defect. Any condition or characteristic in any supplies furnished by Freightliner LLC that is
not in compliance with the requirements of the Contract or that does not function as intended.
f. Reimbursement. A written provision in a warranty contract whereby the user may make the
necessary repairs with or without prior approval of the contractor, and the Government will be
reimbursed for the repair parts and/or labor costs.
g. Repair. To restore an item to a serviceable condition without affecting warranty.
h. Repairable. An item that may be reconditioned or economically repaired for reuse.
i. Warranty. A written agreement between a contractor and the government that outlines the
rights and obligations of both parties for defective supplies.
j. Warranty Claim. Action started by the equipment users for authorized warranty repair or
k. Warranty Period. Time during which the warranty is in effect.
l. Warranty Start Date. The date the warranty is put into effect.
3. Coverages-Specific
The vehicles are covered by a design, material and workmanship warranty. All components,
interfaces and parts are covered under the basic vehicle warranty unless specifically identified
herein. Freightliner's basic warranty for the M915 FOV covers a period of 24 months with coverage
beginning on the date of vehicle acceptance. (Check the vehicle data plate for warranty start date.)
The warranty covers bumper to bumper on all parts/labor and workmenship for the vehicles listed
on the front cover of this TB. Also, warranty claims (parts and labor) must exceed $50.00 to be
submitted. Items excluded are parts that are subject to consumption during their normal service life
and are routinely replaced during nomal maintenance service. These excluded items include, but
are not limited to: brake linings, clutch brakes, clutch linings, filters (fuel, air, oil,water, and desicant
cartridges), fluorescent ballast and tubes, upholstery/floor mats, fuses, light bulbs and non-
reusable sealed light assemblies, mud flaps, receiver-drier/suction acculator, glass breakage and

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