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LO 9-2320-360-12
1. COLD TEMPERATURE OPERATION. For operation of equipment in expected temperatures continuously below
0F (18C), remove lubricants prescribed in the key for temperatures above 0F (-18C). Relubricate as specified in
the key for temperatures 0 to -50F(-18 to -46C).
a. Purging of Lub ricant. When using a grease gun, apply lubricant to the fitting until clean lubricant squeezes out
of the part being lubricated.
Do not start engine or move HET Tractor when anyone is under vehicle or
working on brake lines. Severe injury or death could result.
b. Universal Joints. Use the proper lubricant to purge all four bearing seals at each universal joint. Purging
flushes abrasive contaminants from each bearing and ensures all four bearings are filled properly. Pop the seals;
these seals are made to be popped.
If any seal fails to purge, move propeller shaft from side-to-side while applying gun pressure. This allows greater
clearance on thrust end of bearing that is not purging. if seals still do not purge, rock HET Tractor by starting engine,
releasing parking brakes, putting transmission in D or R, and allowing HET Tractor to roll. This removes the wind up
in the drive line and allows for a greater clearance on the thrust end of the universal joint. Because of the design of
the universal joint seal, there will occasionally be one or more bearing seals that may not purge. Seal tension then
has to be released. The procedure for releasing seal tension is as follows:
Universal joint may have one or two grease fittings. If there are two fittings, grease
either fitting. It is not necessary to grease both fittings.
Loosen bolts holding bearing assembly that does not purge to release seal tension. It maybe necessary
to loosen bearing assembly approximately 1/16 in. (0,16 cm) minimum. If loosening does not result in purging,
remove bearing assembly to determine cause of blockage.
c. Prope ller Shaft Slip Joints. When lubricating spline end of propeller shafts, apply grease to spline fitting until
lubricant appears at pressure relief hole. Cover hole with finger and continue adding grease until it appears at sleeve
yoke seal.
Purged grease must be cleaned from brake camshaft. Failure to comply may
cause brake lining contamination and brake failure, resulting in serious injury
or death.
d. Camshaft Bushings. Care must be exercised when lubricating camshaft bushings. Grease contacting brake
linings will damage linings and cause possible safety problems.
e. Severe Operating Conditions. When HET Tractor is operating under severe conditions, lubricate propeller
shafts and universal joints every 50 hours.
f. Pintle Hook Plate Lubrication Fitting. Can be on any side.
g.  Spring Hangers. If spring hanger pin does not accept grease, relieve load on spring pin by jacking HET Tractor
up by frame rails as close to spring pin as possible. If spring pin still fails to take grease, notify direct support
maintenance to remove spring pin and/or bushing and replace if necessary.
h. Tie Rod Ends. Apply grease pressure until new grease is seen purging from the boot area.
i. Link Kit (King Pin). Apply lubricant to fitting until lubricant is visible at inner seal.
(1) See TM 9-2320-360-10. Coolant level should be visible in sight glass.
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