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Page Title: Application/Explanation
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SECTION I.  INTRODUCTION - TM-5-2410-237-24P_10
TM-5-2410-237-24P Tractor Full Tracked Low Speed: DED Medium Drawbar Pull T9 Size Caterpillar Model D7G Manual
PART  NUMBER  (Column  (4))
SECTION I TM5-2410-237-24P (1) Source   Code   The   source   code   tells   you how  to  get  an  Item  needed  for  maintenance,  repair  or overhaul   of   an   end   Item/equipment.      Explanations   of source codes follows: Code Application/Explanation PA Stocked Items; use the applicable NSN to PB request requisition Items with these PC** source codes.  They are authorized to the PD category Indicated by the code entered In PE 3d position of the SMR code PF PG "items coded PC are subject to deterioration. KD Items with these codes are not to be KF requested/requisitioned Individually.  They KB are part of a kit which is authorized to the maintenance category indicated In the 3d position of the SMR code. The complete kit must be requisitioned and applied MO-(Made at UM Items with these codes are not AVUM Level) to be requested requisitioned MF-(Made at DS/ Individually.  They must be made AVUM Level) from bulk material which is identi fied by the part number In the DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODE (UOC) column and listed In the Bulk Material group ML-(Made at of the repair parts list In this Specialized Repair RPSTL If the Item is authorized Act (SRA)) to you by the 3d position code of the SMR code, but if the MD-(Made at source code Indicates it is made Depot) at a higher level, order the Item from the higher level of mainten- ance AO-(Assembled by Items with these codes are not UM/AVUM Level) to be requested/requisitioned Individually The parts that AF-(Assembled by make up the assembled Item DS/AVIM Level) must be requisitioned or fabrica ted and assembled at the level AH-(Assembled by of maintenance indicated by GS Category) the source code.  If the 3d posi- tion code of the SMR code by AL-(Assembled by authorizes you to replace the SRA) Item.  but the source code indi- AD-(Assembled cates the Item Is assembled at a by Depot) bled at a higher level, order the Item from the higher level of maintenance. XA - Do not requisition an "XA"-coded Item. Or- der Its next higher assembly.  (Also, refer to the NOTE below ) XB- If an "XB" Item is not available from salvage order It using the CAGE and part number given XC- Installation drawing, diagram, Instruction sheet, field service drawing, that is Identi- fied by the manufacturer’s part number XD- Item is not stocked.  Order an "XD"- coded Item through normal supply chan- nels using the CAGE and part number given, if no NSN Is available. NOTE:    Cannibalization  or  controlled  exchange,  when authorized,  may  be  used  as  source  of  supply  for  items with  the  above  source  codes,  except  for  those  source coded  "XA"  or  those  aircraft  support  items  restricted  by requirements of AR 700-42. (2) Maintenance Code.  Maintenance codes tell you  the  level(s)  of  maintenance  authorized  to  USE  and REPAIR   support   Items.      The   maintenance   codes   are entered   In   the   third   and   fourth   positions   of   the   SMR Code as follows: (a) The  maintenance  code  entered  In  the third   position   tells   you   the   lowest   maintenance   level authorized   to   remove,   replace   and   use   an   Item   The maintenance    code    entered    in    the    third    position    will indicate  authorization  to  one  of  the  following  levels  of maintenance Code Application/Explanation C - Crew or operator maintenance done within unit or aviation unit maintenance. O - Unit maintenance or aviation unit category can remove.  replace and use the Item F - Direct support or aviation Intermediate level can remove, replace and use the item H - General support level can remove, replace and use the Item L - Specialized repair activity can remove, re- place and use the item 2 SECTION I TM5-2410-237-24P

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