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Page Title: Floating Duo-Cone Seals
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Disassembly. - TM-5-2410-233-340298
TM-5-2410-233-34 Tractor Full Tracked Low Speed DED Medium Drawbar Pull; Oscillating Track 78-In. Gage (Caterpillar Model D7F) Manual
Figure 6-117. Removing outer bearing cone.
with no oil present. Check the ramps for rough tool
marks and nicks. On used parts, remove all dirt or
At assembly, align the milled slot in
rust deposits from the ramps with a scraper or wire
bearing rage with the dowel in hearing
brush and smooth the surface with emery cloth.
c a g e holder assembly (1, fig. 6-116).
(3) Always install new rubber toric sealing
This is not a press fit and can be
rings (1, fig. 2-8) on floating ring seals (2). Never
a s s e m b l e d by using a soft hammer.
install a used toric sealing ring on a new or used
Insert the assembly to see that hearing
floating ring seal.
cage (2) has bottomed in the bearing
cage holder.
Use seal installer tool (fig. 2-9) to install metal floating
c. Inspection and Repair.
ring seal (2, fig. 2-8), and toric sealing ring (3) into
(1) Inspect bearings for corrosion, pitting, and
seal mounting groove (4). Be sure not to bump the
floating ring seal When removing the installer tool.
wear. Replace corroded, rough, or worn bearings.
(2) Inspect holder assembly (2, fig. 6-114) for
(4) Install toric sealing ring (3) so it seats
cracks, breaks, and other damage. Replace a
uniformly in the relief of floating ring seal (2). Be
defective or damaged holder assembly.
sure the toric sealing ring is not twisted and that it
d. Reassembly  and Installation. Reverse
sets straight and against the lip that keeps it from
disassembly and removal procedure and assemble
falling off the floating seal (fig. 2-10).
and install the bearing cage holder assembly on the
(5) If the installer tool is not used, install the
final drive assembly.
toric sealing ring (3, fig. 2-8) and floating ring seal
6-22. Floating Duo-Cone Seals
(2) as an assembly into groove (3) by pressing on
the toric sealing ring at location (3). Be sure the
a. Removal. To remove the outer metal floating
toric sealing ring is seated uniformly in the recess of
ring seal, it is necessary to remove the track roller
both the floating ring seal and the groove. Make
frame (para 7-10), outer bearing (para 6-20),
sure that it sets in the bore straight and against the
holder and outer bearing adjusting hub outer
lip that keeps it from falling out of the retainer (fig.
bearing cage holder and outer bearing adjusting nut
(para 6-20). The sprocket must be removed to
service or replace the inner metal floating ring seal
If installer tool is not used, do not use a
screwdriver or stick to assemble the
b. Cleaning.
toric sealing ring in the groove. Use
(1) Wash off all dirt accumulation from used
finger pressure only.
parts using cleaning solvent (Fed. Spec. P-D-680).
(6) Instal the floating ring seal to a uniform
It may be necessary to use a wire brush to clean the
depth in the groove. The dimension (1, fig. 2-8)
accumulations of dirt or rust from the bore of the
must be uniform around the entire circumference of
seal mounting grooves to assure they are clean and
the floating ring seal.
(7) Always install the floating ring seals (fig. 2-
(2) Remove all oil or the protective coating
10) in pairs, that is, two new seals together or two
from the floating seals with cleaning solvent.
seals that have previously run together. Never
c. Inspection. Inspect the metal floating ring
assemble one new seal and one used seal or two
seals (8 and 9, fig. 6-114) for damage. Replace the
seals that have not previously run together.
seals if there are scratches across the sealing bands
(8) Before assembling floating ring seals
or if contact is not clearly defined around the outer
together, wipe faces of seals with lint-free tissue to
edges. If either floating ring seal is damaged, both
remove any foreign material and finger prints.
must be replaced.
(9) Place one drop of light oil on the cleaning
tissue and coat the sealing surfaces of the seals. Be
To obtain maximum service, cleanliness
careful not to let any oil come in contact with the
must be the rule. Avoid introducing dirt
toric sealing ring or its mating surface.
into the parts during installation or
filling w ith oil.
6-23. Sprocket and Sprocket Segments
d. Installation.
a. Sprocket.
(1) Handle all parts with care to avoid nicks in
(1) Removal.
critical areas. File smooth any parts, other than the
(a) Remove floating ring seal (3, fig. 6-117
sealing faces, that have nicks that may make
as described in paragraph 6-22.
assembly difficult or questionable.
(b) Bend lock (1) securing retaining nut (2)
(2) Be sure the ramps on the seal mounting
grooves and on the floating ring seal are dry and

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