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Page Title: Disassembly and Reassembly.
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Bevel Gear
TM-5-2410-233-34 Tractor Full Tracked Low Speed DED Medium Drawbar Pull; Oscillating Track 78-In. Gage (Caterpillar Model D7F) Manual
Figure 6-109. Measuring clearance.
roughness, and wear. Replace worn or defective
(7) Attach a suitable hoist to support the bevel
gear shaft.
(2) Inspect the bevel gear and pinion for
(8) Remove bolts (2), and remove bearing
chipped, pitted, broken or worn teeth. Replace a
c a g e (3) using two 1/2 i n c h 1 3 ( N C ) f o r c i n g s c r e w s
damaged or excessively worn gear set. TB-ENG
(4) as shown.
364 may be used as a guide for determining gear
(9) Slide the bevel gear (1, fig. 6-106) and the
bevel gear shaft (5) out of the left bearing cage, far
e n o u g h to permit removal of bolts (4) securing the
(3) Inspect the bearing cages for cracks,
breaks, and other damage. Replace defective or
b e v e l gear (1) to the flange on the bevel gear shaft
damaged bearing cages.
d. Bevel Gear and Pinion Setting.
( 1 0 ) Move the bevel gear shaft into the right
(1) G e n e r a l . The bevel pinion is free to float in
s t e e r i n g clutch compartment and lift out as shown
the transfer case of the transmission and seeks its
o w n running position with respect to the bevel gear
(11) Lift out the bevel gear.
in forward speeds, and is located by the rear
b e a r i n g in reverse. The only adjustments necessary
a r e the bevel gear shaft bearing preload (subpara 2
a n d 3 below), and the backlash (subpara 4 below),
between the bevel gear and pinion. The correct
a m o u n t of backlash for each bevel pinion, installed
at the factory, is marked on the end of the bevel
pinion. If the pinion is not marked, refer to table 1-
4. After adjusting the bevel gear shaft bearing
p r e l o a d , t h e b a c k l a s h s h o u l d b e set as described
(2) B e v e l g e a r s h a f t  bearing adjustment
(transmission  removed).
It is preferred that the bevel gear shrift bearing preload
be set with the transmission removed. This permits
adjusting the bearings to a definite preload.
(a) Install a full shim pack under the
bearing cage farther from the bevel gear. Tighten
Figure 6-108. Removing bevel gear shaft.
all bolts.
(12) Install the bevel gear and shaft in the
(b) I n s t a l l t h e o t h e r b e a r i n g c a g e w i t h o u t
r e v e r s e order of removal. Adjust the bevel gear and
shims and tighten the bolts evenly while slowly
pinion backlash as described in subparagraph d
rotating the bevel gear until a torque, given in table
1 - 4 is required to rotate it.
b. Disassembly and Reassembly.
(c) R o t a t e t h e b e v e l g e a r s h a f t b e a r i n g s
several times before making the final adjustment.
(1) Remove the bearing cones from the shaft
w i t h a hydraulic puller, a puller, a bearing pulling
(d) To determine the torque required to
attachment and a step plate.
rotate the shaft, weld a strap of metal across a
(2) Heat the bearing cones in oil prior to
s t e e r i n g clutch hub retaining nut and weld a small
n u t on the strap; then thread the retaining nut onto
t h e bevel gear shaft, and apply a torque wrench to
(3)  Remove  the  cups  from  the  bearing
cages using a puller, two adapters and a bearing cup
the small nut.
pulling attachment with an adapter,
(e) Use a thickness gage as shown in figure 6-
1 0 9 to determine the clearance between the flange
o f the bearing cage and the face of the bevel gear
c. lnspection and Repair.
c a s e at each bolt location making sure the clearance
(1)  Inspect  all bearings  for corrosion,
is the same all around the cage.

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