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Page Title: Figure 2-3. Puller assembly.
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TM-5-2410-233-34 Tractor Full Tracked Low Speed DED Medium Drawbar Pull; Oscillating Track 78-In. Gage (Caterpillar Model D7F) Manual
Figure 2-6. Locked anti-friction bearing.
When a specific torque value is required, the value
is listed in the SPECIFICATION section of the
S e r v i c e Manual. Tighten all other bolts and nuts
for  general  usage,  hydraulic  valve  bodies,  or
t a p e r l o c k studs to the torque values given in the
g. Locks.
(1) Flat metal locks must be installed properly
(fig. 2-5) to be effective. Bend one end of the lock
a r o u n d the edge of the part. Bend the other end
against one flat-surface of the nut or bolt head.
( 2 ) Always install new locks in compartment
which house moving parts.
( 3 ) When installing lockwashers on housings
m a d e of aluminum, use a flat washer between the
lockwasher and the housing.
Figure 2-3. Puller assembly.
(2) B e a r i n g
attachment. B e a r i n g
pulling attachments (fig. 2-4) can be used with
forcing bolts, to remove shafts, bearings, gears, etc.
T h e y can be used with Push Pullers to provide a
variety of pulling combinations.
Figure 2-4. Bearing pulling attachment.
e . Pressing Parts.
(1) When pressing one part into another, use
Fed, Spec. TT-A-580 Anti-Seize Compound to
Figure 2-5. Installing metal locks.
l u b r i c a t e the m sting surfaces.
h.  Lines  and  Wires. When  removing  o r
(2)  Assemble  tapered  parts  dry.  Before
disconnecting a group of lines or wires, tag each one
a s s e m b l i n g parts with tapered splines, be sure the
t o assure proper assembly,
s p l i n e s are clean, dry and free from bum. Position
i. Shims. W h e n s h i m s a r e r e m o v e d , t i e t h e m
the parts together by hand to mesh the splines
together and identify them as to location. Keep
before applying pressure,
s h i m s clean and flat until they are reinstalled,
(3) If parts which are fitted together with
j. Bearings,
t a p e r e d splines are not tight, inspect the tapered
(1) Anti-friction
s p l i n e s and discard if worn.
(a) When an anti-friction bearing (fig. 2-6)
f. B o l t s a n d B o l t T o r q u e .
is removed, cover it to keep out dirt and abrasives.
(1) A bolt which is too long may "bottom'"
W a s h bearings in nonflammable cleaning solution
before the head is tight against the part it is to hold.
a n d allow them to drain dry. The bearing may be
T h e threads can be damaged when a "long" bolt is
dried with compressed air but DO NOT SPIN
( 2 ) If a bolt is too short, there may not be
(b) D i s c a r d t h e h e a r i n g s i f t h e r a c e s a n d
e n o u g h threads engaged to hold the part securely.
balls or rollers are pitted, scored or burned. If the
(3) Apply proper torque values to all bolts and
nuts  when  assembling  Caterpillar  equipment.
bearing is serviceable, coat it with oil and wrap it in

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